Sunday evokes a vague feeling of melancholy in many people. Perhaps it’s the weekend drawing to a close, the thought of the start of a long new week, and the irrational desire to make time stand still, the same feeling you get on holiday when you wish it would last forever.

However, there are places where Sunday is a carefree, fun day, with lots of things happening and plenty to do. Have you ever strolled around Ascona on a Sunday? It’s a lively place, teeming with people doing their Sunday shopping, the streets of the town centre full of local residents and tourists alike. The atmosphere is lively and convivial: Monday feels like it’s far away in the future and may never arrive. The lanes that connect the lake with the old town contain a succession of shop windows, with the lights on and the doors open. After a good cup of coffee and a pastry (it’s a well-known fact that shopping requires energy!) you can shop to your heart’s content; Ascona has no shortage of options!

Art fans can admire it in the numerous enchanting galleries in the centre, while renowned jewellers offer jewellery and watches from the most prestigious brands, for those suddenly inspired to buy someone a gift. The streets in the old town are also full of shops selling clothes, footwear, glasses and accessories. 

Just dive into Ascona’s celebratory atmosphere, and let Sunday go by with a coffee, a chat and a trip around the shops. In Ascona, joie de vivre and happiness are on tap seven days a week.