You decided on Ascona – why was that?  

From the very start, Ascona was a magical place in my eyes, a place of meditation and power.

And what followed the initial positive impressions?  

With the powerful attraction that Ascona and its surroundings had on me, I felt, and knew immediately, that “coming here” would become “staying here”. I have settled down here extremely well. This positive rhythm in Ascona and its surroundings liberated energy within me. I have already organized cultural events and I am planning some others, also with with my friend La Lupa who originally comes from the Onsernone valley, and who performed her own special singing gigs here, and with the Russian author Mikhail Shishkin, who held a reading. I also organise evenings as an opportunity to exchange views and find inspiration. 

There is talk OF YOU as a film producer preparing a film about the soul of Ascona.

Exactly. Ascona and the area around Lake Maggiore must create connections, and reinforce creative impetus. I want to point out the personalities who have influence in this respect, and who have something to say. At the same, time I would like to record anecdotes about the people engaged in the arts in years gone by that some of the townsfolk of Ascona - their relations or friends - could tell us, as well as some stories about e.g. Vladimir Rosenbaum, Leo Stock, Harald Szeemann and Ellen Decker. 

What can you recommend to our readers? What is dear to your heart? 

It would be great if creative people from the literary, science and art worlds around Lake Maggiore could find a place that endorses them, allowing them to realise their visions and ideas. Where an exchange of views at a highly stylish level can again develop, transform and have an effect.