From award-winning chefs to the home-cooked flavours of the traditional grotti, including restaurants with a strong identity, the range of cuisine on offer in Ascona is at once sophisticated and authentic.

At the dinner table, the town again reveals the two sides of its personality - a place that welcomes visitors from all over the world while retaining its ties to the culture of a rural region nestled between lakes and mountains. As a result, international cuisine is paired with traditional produce and recipes. Merlot wine is top of the list of the region’s must-try products – Ticino is blessed with skilled winemakers, as well as acid soil that brings out its elegance and complexity, producing wines with a distinct minerality, as well as velvety and sensual labels from smaller-scale operations. Then there are the cheeses and cured meats from the valleys, some of which have been granted protected status. 

With creative cuisine and a focus on the terroir, Ascona’s restaurants provide a unique culinary experience for keen foodies, offering exquisite dishes in charming locations. Here too, the restaurants range from typical stone Alpine constructions to stylish venues with modern furnishings, but all pay close attention to detail and offer a qualified service to meet customer’s needs and tastes first.

Piatto di Franck Giovannini