Restaurants and barĀ in Ascona

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    Enoteca Bottega del vino

    Enoteca Bottega del Vino Ascona - Picturesque boutique located in the heart of Ascona, with a wide selection of wines, spirits, distillates, grappas and much more. Choice of the best products from the Ticino region, with a special focus on those produced by Delea winery in Losone. Many precious treasures ready to be discovered! detail

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    Sea Lounge

    With its stunning waterfront setting, facing the unparalleled views of the Piazza and the Brissago Islands, Sea Lounge is the ultimate location to relax and enjoy your daytime coffee & snacks.
    In the evening the place is transformed into a trendy, romantic location with cocktails, wines and finger food accompanied by best-selected beats. detail