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Gusta il borgo

31 August 2019

Food shapes culture and brings the city and the countryside together, or, in this case, the town and the surrounding mountains. With this in mind, on 31 August the Amis da la forchéta association is running the eighth ‘Gusta il borgo’ (‘Taste the town’) event: a walk through Ascona’s most picturesque locations accompanied by a menu with a distinctly Ticinese flavour. About ten stops along the route include everything from breakfast to dessert and present local staples such as alpine cured meats and cheeses, polenta and Merlot wine, alongside Ascona exclusive specialities, such as Terreni alla Maggia rice. On that day, alpine residents, vineyard owners and farmers take a day off and come to Ascona’s squares and gardens to recount the rich culinary heritage of the southern Alps, accompanied by tasty food and plenty of smiles. A dynamic, delicious and convivial way to get to know the area.


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