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Sportcars Day

08 September 2019


Sportscar Day, which has now been taking place for several years, is an absolute must in the Ascona annual events programme. It’s an event for drivers of lovingly maintained sports cars and it concentrates on the concept of fair play, trendiness and happiness. The significance of the daylies not just in the most exclusive sports cars and elegant models, but also in the joy and connection with the car, some of them classics from earlier decades. The light-hearted and easy-going Sportscar Day is a joy for owners and spectators alike. Participants will enjoy a joint guided drive into an idyllic Ticino valley, stopping for a convivial aperitif. The motorcade will then return to Ascona where lunch awaits in the exclusive Sportscar Day marquee on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

During the morning and afternoon, the sportscars on show will turn Piazza Motta into an incredibleshowcase.

The next Sportscar Day will be on 8th September 2019. The number of participants is limited due to space restrictions.

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