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Exhibition of sculptures and watercolours

03 May - 03 November 2019

Monte Verità

Two artists vis-à-vis Nature: Pascal Murer's wood and bronze sculptures on the grounds of Monte Verità express a quest for essence and transcendence; Ivana Falconi's watercolours and sculptures, inside the hotel, spark a nostalgic dialogue between beauty, memories and allegorical figures. The musician Max Pizio accompanies visitors throughout their tour of the exhibition.

Ivana Falconi: Born in Locarno, she studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and currently lives and works in New York. “My artwork presents a tragicomic outlook on life.” (Ivana Falconi)

Pascal Murer: Born in Altdorf, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and currently lives and works in Locarno, where he founded the VEDO ARTE studio. “Along my path, I leave traces of origins and visions—we could call it breath.” (Pascal Murer)

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