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Lifestyle Manwoman

We work with boundless enthusiasm to set trends and to preempt or follow the latest fashions, adapting with sensitivity to people’s tastes while remaining faithful to our human, cultural and aesthetic values.

We consider the client to be the linchpin of our work, the cornerstone of our fairy-tale experience in this small yet beautiful piece of land, where the Mediterranean climate and picturesque Alpine scenery go hand in hand. Today, as we write, the mountains that frame our view are covered in snow, yet the temperature is so pleasant that some globetrotters, who we prefer to call friends or guests, are sipping coffees and cappuccinos in the sun-kissed square. It is this truly unique setting that for nineteen years has inspired the inimitable total look we offer in the field of fashion: from tailor made clothing - leather jackets, sheepskin coats, leather pants, as well as shirts - cashmere/wool sweater – made to measure sur shoes and a wide range of accessories. In essence the cherry on the cake. Our philosophy has earned us a devoted following of international customers and friends that have trusted us for many years, whom we repay with professionalism and dedication to our business.


Lifestyle Manwoman
Via Borgo, 38
Ascona 6612
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